Is your closet crammed with hidden treasures? Here’s how to unlock the surprise value in your wardrobe


We all have a touch of “wardrobe guilt” when we see those luxury items we once loved but no longer wear.But what if there was a way to prevent pricey garments from gathering dust and turn them into cash instead? Well, there is. Meet your wardrobe (and wallet’s) new best friend:Cudoni – the seamless buying and selling platform that helps you sell your pre-loved luxury items with minimal effort and maximum results. How can you turn your luxuries into cash? Our how-to guide tells you what is worth selling and how exactly to do it…

However, despite featuring the most popular names in fashion, their online shopping destination has become a favourite among fashionistas due to its diversity of vintage as well as new runway looks. Shoppers typically head to the site looking for statement pieces from particular brands, which has made handbags, jewellery and watches the best-selling garments. But it’s not just your accessories to consider, as shoppers are always hunting for more designer pieces to add to their wardrobes, be it dresses, coats, or suits. Due to Cudoni being a global site, it is not essential to sell by season (it’s always Summer somewhere after all!). 

Consider the items in your wardrobe that you claim you will “wear in the future” – these could be the cash cows that will enable you to shop for new designer looks.By selling your pre-loved but lesser worn goods, you can afford to replenish your wardrobe with all the latest designs.With Cudoni, you are given a one-to-one representative who will help manage the items you’ve put forward to sell and tell you just how much you could make. The best part? If you change your mind, you are under no obligation to go ahead. 

The VIP service has all bases covered, including free home collection, authentication, expert valuations, professional photography, global listing and liaisons with buyers. All you have to do is simply wait for the money to land in your bank account. Cudoni pride themselves on achieving some of the best prices in the field. With a specialised tech back-end and expert sales strategists, Cudoni can sell your luxury goods quickly and for a much higher price.

The service achieves an average 30% higher sales price than if sellers were to sell the same items themselves.Once your items have been posted and the purchaser confirms receiving them, the Cudoni team send the money to you. Users can reap huge benefits and earn up to 70% commission on goods.


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