The ultimate dream garage auction: The 10 best modern-era hypercars up for grabs at Abu Dhabi’s first ever major sale worth a combined £21MILLION


What would your dream car garage looks like?Given the choice, we’re pretty sure any of these 10 modern-era hypercars would make it into your collection.And that could become reality for some of the thick-walletted individuals attending Abu Dhabi’s first ever major vehicle auction, which is being hosted by RM Sotheby’s and takes place on the eve of the Formula One season finale at the Yas Marina Circuit on 30 November.Here’s a rundown of our favourite picks – from unused Ferrari track-only weapons to one-off concept Lamborghinis – and how much they’re expected to go for…

Pagani’s Zonda is arguably one of the greatest modern-era hypercars of them all. And this one in particular is something a little special.Part of the final run of ‘760’ models was this one-off Aether – number 131 of the 140 Zondas ever produced.

It’s a roofless roadster with an F1-style air scoop arching over the cabin – meaning you get the full chorus of 7.3-litre V12 engine soundtrack, with the engine revving beyond 8,000rpm to deliver its full 749bhp. 

This one is built to order, finished in exposed carbon fibre with matte and glossy body accents contrasted by red trim. Classy. More importantly it has the very rare six-speed manual gearbox, which boosts its overall appeal – and value.Considering this is the first Zonda to be available at auction for almost seven years, expect it to attract some serious bidding. 

Just 75 McLaren Senna GTR’s will be made in total, and the first batch were only delivered to their rightful owners a couple of months ago. That means someone is cashing in early on theirs, looking to make half a million having paid the factory around £1.1million for it originally.The GTR is a track-only special, meaning it’s an extremely expensive play-thing for petrolheads with plenty of disposable income. 

As you can see from the images, it doesn’t lack for spoilers. The rear wing, for instance, is hydraulic and can act as an airbrake to slow the car down, increases downforce in cornering and has an F1-style ‘Drag Reduction System’ (DRS) mode to increase straight-line speed. This particular example is offered for sale with a grand total of zero miles on the clock. That’s right, it’s as new.

Like the Senna GTR, just 75 examples of the Stirling Moss edition Mercedes SLR were made in conjunction with McLaren from 2009. And as far as extreme modern-era road cars go, this has to be near the top of the list.It has no roof or windscreen, meaning this is one of the most visceral four-wheeled experiences money can buy.

Breathtaking performance comes from a 641bhp, 5.5-litre supercharged AMG V8 motor meaning – along with the 200kg weight saving of no roof or windows – a sprint to 62mph takes just 3.5 seconds. This one has been owned by one person from new, who has totalled just over 300 miles in it. Some of those even came at the hands of former F1 champion Mika Hakkinen, who drove it for a Hermes advert filmed in Barcelona.And you don’t just get the car. The vendor is selling it with the factory-spec goggles it came with as new.  


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