Brexiteers take to the streets to protest against UK not leaving the EU today as Twitter is swamped with hilarious #BritainHasExploded memes


Brexiteers took to streets and forced the closure of Whitehall today in protest of the UK not leaving the EU on October 31 – while Twitter became swamped with memes  mocking a Tory MPs blustering remarks that Britain would ‘explode’ in such an event.The large crowd carrying flags, banners and placards marched northbound from Parliament Square and then doubled back on themselves causing travel chaos.

Photographs taken from the demonstration show hundreds of protesters, some carrying signs stating: ‘We Want Our Country Back’ and ‘Drain The Swamp’, marching up and down Whitehall demanding the UK finally sever ties with the EU.But away from the frenzy of the demonstration, Twitter users were also in meltdown with the trend #BritainHasExploded pouring scorn on the country’s apparent descent into chaos on missing it’s proposed withdrawal date.


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