‘Hypocrisy’ of Extinction Rebellion founder’s 11,000-mile trip to Costa Rica as she boasted of taking a luxury long-haul holiday on social media


The founder of the eco-activist group Extinction Rebellion boasted of a luxury long-haul holiday on social media just three years ago.Gail Bradbrook racked up 11,000 air miles when she flew to Costa Rica in 2016 to stay at the £2,500 luxury New Life Iboga resort.The 47-year-old, pictured, helped to set up the protest group last year and it has called for a drastic reduction in the number of flights taken. But Dr Bradbrook’s Central American trip had a carbon footprint of 2.6 tonnes – a quarter of the amount that the average Briton emits in a whole year.She posted on Facebook that her holiday was ‘filled with nature and the warm sea’ and sightings of exotic wildlife including iguanas and monkeys that ‘smash mangoes on the roofs’.

Paul Scully, the Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam, told The Sun: ‘This is blind hypocrisy from a group that’s spent days blighting people’s travel plans.’Bradbrook was inspired to create the protest group after taking psychedelic drugs and ‘praying in a deep way’.  She described the moment as a ‘really intense experience’ where she prayed for the ‘codes of social change’ and within one month her pray was ‘literally answered’, she said last month. There are around 100,000 people on the Extinction Rebellion database across the UK and about one million have been reached through social media.Fifty-nine countries are taking part in the environmental movements and 130 groups are in operation in the UK, claimed the eco-warrior.   ‘We are killing life on Earth, we’re in the sixth mass extinction event and it’s possible that human beings will go extinct. We’re in a culture that doesn’t want you to think about that.’ 

Last week, the group blockaded London’s City Airport as part of their two week-long protest in the capital.At the time of the London City Airport’s protest, Bradbrook said: ‘I think the most important thing is that we are alerting the British people to the crisis that we’re in and the threat to all the forms of business-as-usual.’ 


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