Leaping leopards, cute cubs and a brutal fight between lions and giraffes: Amazing images capture the drama and tenderness of life on the savanna


    Life on the savanna can be dramatic, heartwarming and shocking – as this series of amazing images shows.They capture moments including a lion leaping on a giraffe as she tries to protect her young calf as well as a lioness leading her cute cubs on a walk and a leopard leaping out of a tree.The stunning pictures have been snapped by award-winning safari guide James Nampaso, who works in the Olare Conservancy in Kenya.

    James, who is a Masai, works for Kicheche Camps and captures his jaw-dropping images while taking guests on tours to spot majestic wildlife.On Tuesday, he scooped the gong for best safari guide at the Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2019 ceremony, which was held at London’s Royal Geographical Society.

    ‘Properly managed, where all stakeholders benefit, I do not believe there is anywhere else that compares.’Small and sensitive safaris will always win over mainstream parades, and there has never been a day where I have not woken up excited to be guiding alongside my colleagues at Kicheche in a conservancy we call paradise, but a hard-earned paradise.’I am thankful that I am just allowed to get on with my job and the eco-gold winning Kicheche is a company that really cares about the wildlife, the environment, the local Masai and indeed its staff.’

    James has worked at Kicheche Camps for 15 years, starting as a tent attendant before becoming a safari guide.Paul Goldstein, the co-owner of Kicheche Camps and a friend of James, said: ‘At Kicheche Camps, James has a repeat list of guests longer than an elephant’s trunk, many who have to book more than a year in advance.’A good number are very competent wildlife photographers and are keen to go on safari with James who is called the “Bwana Chui” (Mr Leopard) as he is so ridiculously adept at locating the elusive yet enigmatic leopard.’James has also developed into a fine photographer in his own right and he is never happier than being stood up, head through the hatch of his faithful land-cruiser with his precision optics trained on a tawny predator.’


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