Ex-Tehran Mayor Confesses to Murder of Wife


Former Iranian Vice-President and Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Najafi

Mohammad Ali Najafi, a former vice-president and the ex-mayor of Tehran, has turned himself in and confessed to shooting dead his wife Mitra Ostad for “family problems”.

Najafi on Tuesday went to the Criminal Police headquarters in Tehran in person and confessed to the murder with gunshots.

He later appeared in front of the state broadcaster’s camera, and stated that he had unintentionally killed his wife with his gun during a fight at her apartment.

A selfie of Mohammad Ali Najafi and his late wife Mitra Ostad

The woman, Mitra, was found dead on Tuesday noon with a couple of bullets in her chest. Her 13-year-old boy was home when the police and journalists arrived at the scene. 

Najafi had resigned as the mayor of Tehran in April 2018, citing failing health for leaving the office. Soon after the resignation, his wife announced their marriage in a post in her Instagram account.

Affiliated with reformists, Najafi had earlier served as the minister of education, the minister of culture in various administrations. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

He also took the helm at Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) of Iran during President Hassan Rouhani’s first term, but resigned after six months.


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